PX 10.10-MV

PX 10.10-MV

Powerful, Modular, Configurable. The most flexible multi-view X-ray for non-palletized freight

Serving the needs of airport baggage and postal facilities, freight forwarders and other air cargo break bulk screeners, the PX 10.10-MV handles a wide variety of packages and freight, including oversized/out-of-gauge cartons and irregularly shaped items.

The PX 10.10-MV offers unparalleled imaging performance and flexibility in a 1 meter tunnel. The system combines an optimal belt height and imaging ratio delivering exceptional imaging performance and minimizing manual handling issues. The PX 10.10-MV has a vertical geometry primary view with an optional secondary view module that is horizontal. The system also comes standard with L-3’s latest high-current X-ray source. The combination of vertical geometry and high-powered tank deliver

the ultimate in penetration, image resolution and quality to facilitate the rapid detection of multiple targets including weapons, narcotics, explosives and other contraband.

The system boasts a modular architecture with segments that can be wheeled individually through a standard doorway and quickly reconnected – allowing the system to be deployed in many areas previously only accessible to much smaller units. This modular architecture also makes it easy to add a second view so customers can choose a dual-view configuration or a single-view system that can later be upgraded in the field.

With the new multi-language support* capability, operators can interact with a system that speaks their native language.

Imaging features

  • 160 kVp high current X-ray source
  • Continuously variable contrast adjustment
  • Tri-material discrimination
  • Transparent ColorTM
  • Best Image FirstTM
  • Bi-directional scanning
  • Organic/Inorganic stripping
  • Metallic item removal
  • Pseudo-color overlay
  • True 32-bit color processing
  • Edge enhancement
  • Zoom 2X-16X or continuous zoom to 64X
  • Reverse video
  • Threat alert
  • Customizable density and size alert
  • High/low penetration mode

Standard features

  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and input line filter
  • Adjustable conveyor from 612 mm (24 in) can be inclined to optimize freight handling
  • 19 in high-resolution LCD
  • Patented heads-up operator display interface with touch pad control
  • Configurable operator interface
  • Operator Assist® (OA)
  • Image Archiving (IA)
  • Network ready
  • Multi-language support*

Optional features

  • Various size LCD monitors
  • Operator-proximity sensor footmat
  • Threat Image Projection (TIP)
  • EU-approved TIP libraries
  • External UPS
  • Color printer
  • Remote operator interface (5 m, 30 m, and 100 m)
  • Network supervisor
  • Network TIP server
  • Increased conveyor capacity (300 kg)

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