Unmatched threat resolution in an automated, high-speed explosives detection system

With the best available on-screen threat resolution in its class, the MVT-HR raises the bar for high-speed, high-throughput automated explosives detection. Designed to screen checked baggage of all sizes for explosives and other threats, the revolutionary MVT-HR uses three independent X-ray views to accurately identify suspicious materials and keep false alarm rates low.

Capable of screening 1,800 bags per hour, the rugged and reliable MVT-HR keeps even oversized baggage moving,automatically adjusting to screen skis, golf clubs, or other large items. Flexible networking options link hold baggage systems of any configuration (SX, 3DX, XLB, MVT-HR) with their respective viewing systems and search workstations over a secure network. Advanced multi-view tomography and L-3’s landmark image processing software combine in an easy-to-network system designed to meet the toughest explosives detection standards of regulatory agencies worldwide. Completely film safe, the MVT-HR generates crisp images with unsurpassed clarity.


Imaging features

  • Transparent ColorTM
  • Organic/inorganic stripping
  • Metallic item removal
  • Pseudo-color overlay
  • True 32-bit color processing
  • “Slide and See” functionality

Standard features

  • 1,800 bag-per-hour throughput when used as part of an integrated baggage inspection system
  • 100 cm wide x 80 cm high (39.4” x 31.5”) tunnel opening
  • Automatically adjusts to screen out- of-gauge items up to 250 cm (98.4”)
  • Threat image projection
  • Seamless image archiving
  • MIS bridge
  • Additional operator workstations
  • Optimized grayscale imaging    long
  • Continuously variable contrast adjustment
  • Edge enhancement
  • Fully interpolated 2X, 4X, 8X zoom
  • Reverse video
  • Multiple independent X-ray views
  • Supports multiple detection agorithms
  • On-the-fly algorithm switching
  • Scatter Detection Enhancement (SDE) technology
  • Compatible with existing L-3 MVT, VIS-M, and VIS-108 matrix installations
  • Meets TSA criteria for automated explosives detection

 Optional features

  • Threat image projection
  • Seamless image archiving
  • MIS bridge
  • Additional operator workstation

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