L3 Examiner

L3 Examiner

eXaminer systems with 3-D Continuous Flow CT technology automatically assess checked bags for explosives in seconds while keeping bags constantly moving and at rapid throughput rates.

3-D Continuous Flow technology scans bags by applying helical/spiral CT at speeds precisely synchronized to the speed of the conveyor belt for complete bag coverage with no gaps in 3-D image data.

One rapid pass provides complete 3-D image data of an entire bag and its contents to automatically determine the presence of explosives, or to clear the bag for flight.

With eXaminer, automatic clear rates are the highest in the industry. For the few bags that require operator review, the system automatically produces high-resolution 3-D volumetric images of the bags’ contents, including threat objects, which enable operators to quickly and confidently approve or reject bags, for flight.

Alternative approaches subject bags to multiple stages of screening and do not provide operators with 3-D images of entire bags. Other systems rely on prescreening to identify possible threats within targeted areas of the bag, followed by a single/multi-slice CT scan that requires the system to slow down, reverse or stop the flow of bags for further assessment. This causes gaps in 3-D image data coverage and limits threat data to as little as a single 3-D slice upon which to make a decision. It also prevents other bags from entering the system, reducing throughput.

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