Highest throughput, fully automated drive-through inspection system

With the highest level of screening throughput, the high- energy CX-Portal keeps commerce moving. This security and customs inspection system combines drive-through convenience with a multi-tiered safety system that allows drivers to safely remain in the cab during scans. CX-Portal is the most efficient solution for eliminating bottlenecks at ports, airports and other high-volume cargo inspection locations.

CX Portal

The CX-Portal’s flexible architecture supports a range of scanning speeds, while automated operation minimizes costs and enables more efficient use of staff.

Dual-energy material discrimination is a key element of L-3’s ClearViewTM Imaging on the CX-Portal. This capability differentiates between organic and inorganic materials, helping analysts identify suspicious contents faster.

With L-3’s ClearViewTM Workstation, analysts can detect threats, contraband and misrepresented goods quickly and accurately. The extendable software platform seamlessly integrates data from multiple X-ray systems and a host of other sensors, such as radiation detection.

L-3's Cargo Solutions provide both configurable products and customized solutions that address each customer’s unique requirements. The CX-Portal is part of a family of platforms that serve the full range of cargo environments and applications.

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