Accelerate screening without unpacking contents with our configurable pallet inspection system

Step up to new levels of security and efficiency with the most powerful and flexible pallet inspection systems available today. Designed as the ideal secure freight solution for air cargo, L-3’s highly configurable CX-Pallet can also be used at seaports, warehouses, manufacturing centers and military bases.

The CX-Pallet eliminates the need to unpack contents for inspection, accelerating screening of consolidated cargo in pallets, crates and ULDs while maintaining the highest levels of security. With high-energy scanning, analysts have the comprehensive information and flexible controls they need to identify explosives, weapons, drugs and misrepresented goods—even in densely packed ULDs.

Because requirements vary widely, L-3 provides a flexible range of CX-Pallet configurations to suit your specific cargo profile, security requirements, inspection protocol and space constraints. Energy levels start at 450 kV and extend up to more powerful levels, which are able to penetrate the densest cargo.

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