CX-Mobile G3

CX-Mobile G3

A new generation of high-energy mobile scanning with industry- leading technology and lowest lifecycle costs

Bring high-energy cargo inspection to any location fast and provide the highest quality images for accelerated, accurate screening with L-3’s new CX-Mobile G3. This self-powered screening solution combines the latest X-ray imaging technology with a platform designed to improve detection and reduce lifecycle costs.

The customizable platform is easily configured for each user’s unique operating environments. L-3’s flexible networking structure allows the image analysis function to be performed locally or remotely. Additional sensors can be integrated easily and viewed on a single user interface.

Standard Features

  • 6 MeV best-in-class ClearView X-ray imaging system
  • Industry-leading ClearView Workstation
  • Ergonomic, comfortable operator cabin
  • Scans high cube and off-road suspension trucks
  • Continuous scanning capabilities
  • SelectScanTM uses one of four X-ray energy levels to best suit the cargo being scanned
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Automatic collision avoidance systems
  • Networking configured per customer requirements
  • Comprehensive computer-based training

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