ProScreen Airports

Protect aviation terminals with safe, affordable and relocatable radiation portals to screen bags and parcels.

The ProScreen gamma portal (with neutron detection option) screens objects up to 1m x 1m (~39"x 39"). It screens airport bags and air cargo parcels for radioactive contents or contamination. The stand-alone portal can easily be positioned where needed, including next to X-ray scanners (both L-3 and other X-ray systems). Locked-in place above the conveyor belt, ProScreen detects the broad range of radioactive materials specified in ANSI N42.35 and IEC 62244 standards. The system operates 24/7 and can be assembled in less than a half day.

The ProScreen’s high level of sensitivity combined with an ultra low false alarm rate of less than 1 per 10,000 screenings makes it the ideal, low-cost radiation detection system to prevent illicit trafficking of nuclear materials. It can also be deployed in a temporary location wherever radiation screening of objects is required. The affordability of this system enables users to network units to cover all entrances and exits in terminals with multiple accesses.

The ProScreen system plugs into any standard power supply (100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz). The moveable LED-based visual and audible indicator can be located near the supervisory station if needed. The indicator provides information about the system’s state of health, normal operation, and elevated background levels and alarm conditions. A separate LCD
display, mounted on the side of the ProScreen, provides detailed portal status information. The system automatically self-calibrates, eliminating the need for routine manual calibrations.

ProScreen options include an integrated neutron detector, software for the discrimination of specific radioisotopes and network integration using L-3’s sensor integration software.

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