CR-Portal IGC

Best value for nuclear material detection with NORM discrimination.

The CR-Portal IGC (Isotope Group Classification) gamma/ neutron detection solution is designed for 24/7 monitoring and is best suited as a primary monitor for high-throughput
applications. It provides isotope group identification on regularly encountered bare sources making secondary screening much easier for the operator. The portal uses 3He-free 6LiZnS neutron detectors for reliable detection of the smallest quantities of special nuclear materials (SNM).

It offers intelligent, naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) discrimination resulting from well-tested isotope group classification. The CR-Portal IGC leverages the Symetrica
Discovery Technology® in a fully integrated portal configuration using two or four radiation sensor panels with optional gate control, camera, OCR and LPR systems plus networking
capability using L-3’s industry-leading ClearView™ Workstation.

L-3’s CR-Portal IGC easily integrates into secure facilities, and can be used with other X-ray or gamma scanning systems, without interference. This primary monitoring solution interfaces with secondary adjudication setups, such as our CR-Portal HR (High Resolution). Screening results and state of health (SOH) information are acquired and processed by L-3’s StradSCAN™ communications system and sent to a command and control station (CCS). Results are displayed to create a unified and customized view of the critical information analysts need to assess cargo contents.

As an optional algorithm feature, the presence of low-level surface contamination can also be detected to further triage containers that are surface contaminated. Our safe portal
uses passive radiation detectors and is specifically designed for a wide variety of uses.


• Vehicle and cargo gates
• Fixed/mobile airport freight cargo and baggage
• Conveyer belt
• Pedestrian


• ITRAP+10 tested probability of detection (POD) with less
than 1 in 103 false alarms
• Improved operational efficiency through a reduction in
nuisance NORM alarms of > 75% over standard, 1st
generation, energy windowing, PVT portals
• Enhanced calibration tool reduces maintenance cost
• Real-time detection monitoring provides overall sensitivity and
spectral-shaping information between maintenance visits

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