CR-Portal HR

Best-in-class performance in nuclear material detection and identification.

Dael Security delivers the largest detector volume and highest resolution on the market utilizing HPGe technology and NNSA tested threat detection algorithms enabling faster and more accurate identification of illegal radioactive materials while minimizing costly false alarms (< 1 in 1000). Excellent NORM discrimination and NORM masking capabilities combined with the proprietary L-3 ClearView™ Workstation real-time data fusion operator interface speed the free flow of legitimate commerce while effectively intercepting illicit trafficking of nuclear materials.

Engineered for 24/7 operations, L-3’s CR-Portal HR scans and identifies cargo containing, or contaminated by, radioactive materials. The high-resolution system is specifically designed for inspections of vehicles carrying different sized cargo from large containers to small baggage carts without impacting the stream of commerce. Our safe portal uses passive radiation detectors and has been successfully tested in a set of controlled experiments to independently validate the nuclear detection and identification performance of radiation portals at the lowest minimum activity. L-3’s proprietary Threat Assessment Algorithm (TAA) provides the highest proven isotope identification available. Optional software can be added to detect the presence of low-level surface contamination. Neutron detection is achieved with non-Helium-3 neutron detector modules.

Our CR-Portal HR unique design uses proven technology from the QATT-certified CR-Mobile. It is the only HPGe detector that has been tested in the challenging mobile environment of high density stacks. It has the largest detector surface area in the industry to facilitate response and identification performance. The high-resolution portal uses both gamma and neutron detectors in a single, integrated unit. The portals are built by stacking identical modules and and are configurable, from a onesided single panel to a single or stacked pair, on opposite sides of the conveyance. Our individual modules can bu used as single detection units for lower speed and smaller objects such as baggage or other cargo moving on conveyor belts.

The L-3 CR-Portal HR integrates into secure facilities. It can be used along with other systems, such as our CR-Portal IGC (Isotope Group Classification). Scan results and State of Health (SOH) information are acquired and processed by the onboard communications system and sent to a Command and Control Station (CCS). Results can be displayed on our ClearView™ Workstation which consolidates data to create a unified and customized view of the critical information analysts need to assess cargo contents. The CR-Portal HR is part of a family of platforms that serve the full range of cargo environments and applications.

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