Loss Prevention System

The SMD601 Loss Prevention System prevents the theft or accidental removal of metallic objects. As people transit the system, their metal content is compared to a saved personalized profile

The superior uniformity of the electromagnetic field of the SMD601 Metal Detector provides very con- sistent metal detection readings on every transit of an individual which may be wearing non-removable items like prosthetics, wedding rings, piercings etc.

This is a unique feature of the SMD601 and results in the creation of a true metal content profile for the person being screened.


  • Highest sensitivity to detect
  • Graphic interface superimposes even very small metal targets
  • Greatly reduces losses with theft detection
  • Automatically pinpoints location of metal without the use of handheld metal detector
  • Increases throughput at security checkpoints with automated
  • screening
  • metal location on each person’s photo
  • Advanced reporting capabilities. Statistical data reports can be exported in Excel, Adobe pdf and html formats
  • Provides reliable, repeatable and accurate detection not found with other systems

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