Provision L-3

Provision L-3

The regulator approved ProVision® people screening system detects concealed threats effectively and safely

L-3’s ProVision enhances security at checkpoints in any secure environment – airports, federal and state courthouses, correctional institutions, embassies, border crossings, national laboratories, government and commercial offices and manufacturing, retail and warehousing facilities.

The system quickly screens personnel using safe millimeter wave (MMW) radio frequency technology to detect concealed objects made of any type of material – both metallic and non- metallic — including liquid, rubber, wire, powder, plastic and ceramics.

ProVision is approved by regulators and aviation authorities worldwide including the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) and the Dutch Institute of Applied Science (TN0), among others.

The system is an expandable platform that can be upgraded in the field and converted to an image-free Automatic Target Detection (ATD) solution. ATD software is constantly enhanced to keep pace with emerging threats and other targets.


  • Threat detection
  • Contraband detection
  • Asset protection


  • TSA Approved
  • CATSA Approved
  • TNO Approved


  • Transparent walls
  • Rigid construction
  • Configurable operating modes

Optional Features

  • Remote analyst workstation
  • Dual workstation and network configurations

Scanning Features

  • 3-D rotating silhouette of the scan
  • Adjustable play speed
  • Adjustable lightening, brightness and contrast
  • Front and back scan displayed side by side
  • Zoom

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