Small Cells

Mobile operators prefer as much coverage as possible when it comes to their mobile network. The better the coverage, the better network users are served. These users demand availability and a decent connection.

Nowadays more and more telecom equipment can be found in public space. Aside from telecom sites on rooftops and in the form of masts, telecom equipment is put in place in for example shopping streets in city centres. These streets are often full of mobile network users. Regular networks cannot serve that many people at the same time or cannot serve that many people with an optimal connection at that particular location. This creates a need for small cells equipment in order to provide the shopping public with availability and a quality connection.  

Small cells equipment is no longer the future as various mobile operators currently make use of this particular equipment. To serve network users as good as possible, small cells are processed in public space and mounted to for example lampposts or facades. Users don't notice this equipment but it does provide a solution to mobile operators. What users do notice is a quality connection and availability of a network.

To service small cells equipment, DAEL Telecom offers the possibility of conducting maintenance works to this equipment. One can think of installation, adjusting, modification and upgrading of small cells. Our engineers are experience and able to conduct various maintenance related activities when considering small cells.

Total solutions
Aside from maintenance, DAEL Telecom provides total solutions related to small cells. On the basis of experience and by close cooperation between various parties, a city center can be provided with small cells. A project such as this involves many stakeholders. DAEL Telecom can handle a project like this in such a way that it connects all parties involved to assure that the entire project is completed succesfully.  

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