DAEL Telecom has various products for rental. One can think of (temporary) mobile mast structures and generators. These products can be used for a wide range of applications.

Mobile masts
DAEl Telecom has three different mobile masts which can be used for a range for various applications. Deployment of mobile masts can provide a solution to various problems. These masts can be deployed in various circumstances, varying from telecom to security, during events, in case of emergency or to replace an existing mast. Mobile masts can be deployed easily and on short notice. Due to the compact design, these mobile masts don't require much space.

Mobile masts available at DAEL Telecom:
- Cell on Wheels (CoW)
- Mobile Communications Container (MCC)
- Mobile Communications Unit (MCU)

Aside from mobile mast structures, DAEL Telecom has various generators for rent. When it comes to rental of generators, DAEL Telecom cooperates with DAEL Power.
There are various generators with various outputs available. Deze are ready for deployment and ready for use. Some generators are comprised of a trailer as well while others can be loaded on a truck or van by means of a forklift. This allows for transportation all across The Netherlands or even abroad. When it comes to rental of generators, it is also possible to contact DAEL outside office hours and during the weekend.
Maintenance and fuel management are services which can also be provided by DAEL Power.

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