Power supply

DAEL Telecom is able to provide various solutions with regards to power supply. This in close cooperation with DAEL Power. DAEL Power can be considered a specialist when it comes to installation and replacement of (smart) meters, energy management, generator rental, installation of utilities and more.

DAEL Telecom together with DAEL Power is capable of providing an answer to any power supply related case. One can think of power supply for electrical installations, camerasystems, charging systems and more. Furthermore, DAEL Power has got various products and services available in order to get insight in power usage of equipment, systems and installations. 

With regards to on-site (emergency) power supply, DAEL Power also supplies generators. There are various types of generators with various outputs available. These generators are ready for deployment and ready for use. Some generators are fixed on a trailer while other generators can be loaded onto a truck or van by means of a forklift. This allows for transportation throughout The Netherlands or even abroad. Maintenance and fuel management are services which can also be provided by DAEL Power.

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