Mobile Communications Unit (MCU)

DAEL Telecom’s unique MCU (Mobile Communication Unit) makes it possible to establish connections within a single hour, regardless of location. This is a flexible and fast solution for providing sites with temporary mobile telephony network facilities. It is also attractive from a cost perspective!

The Mobile Communication Unit consists of a 30-meter transmission mast constructed on a trailer. This makes it a multipurpose system that can be deployed wherever necessary.

DAEL Telecom has independently developed this system. The mast can be raised within one hour by means of a dependable hydraulic system, and operational reliability and efficiency are the top priorities. Performance of the system is guaranteed, regardless of weather conditions. The mast can even be climbed.

Indoor room for six cabinets

The MCU concept includes an indoor room with space for six cabinets. This room can be fully customised to include anything from air-conditioning to power supply systems.

Ideal uses?

- DAEL Telecom’s MCU can act as a temporary solution for filling gaps in signal.

- During multi-day events, one or more units can provide extra transmission capacity across a choice of various networks (C2000, GSM, UMTS, LTE).

The MCU is also an ideal alternative if existing repeater stations are being demolished, newly built or have been damaged by fire.

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