Mobile Communications Container (MCC)

DAEL has developed an innovative system for conditions where (sufficient) height and mobility is of importance: the Mobile Communications Container (MCC). This is an intelligent mix of a mast with a height of 30 meters and a container processed into one robust total solution. The MCC is compact and can be used for a wide range of purposes. This concept can be transported easily and can be setup and broken down within a short period of time. DAEL's MCC allows for setup of a (temporary) mast with a height of max. 30m. against relatively low operational costs. The MCC can be deployed and function under diverse and heavy conditions. Furthermore, the MCC is equipped with an intelligent automatic balancing system which allows for levelling the container in environments with unequal surfaces. 

More information about the Mobile Communications Container can be found here:
Mobile Communications Container (MCC) Folder EN.pdf 

The Mobile Communications Container reduces your expenses
> Compact total solution where all parts of the construction have been incorporated into one 20ft. container
> The MCC has a limited footprint: 9m x 10m
> The 20ft. MCC can be transported and put into place by using a truck mounted crane
> Minimal personnel requirement: the container and mast can be setup by two engineers
> Various configurations possible

What purposes could the Mobile Communications Container serve?
> Defence purposes
> To attach telecom equipment to in order to provide connectivity
> Deployment within a short period of time, in emergency situations or at events
> Security purposes (camera systems / CCTV)
> Lighting a certain location
> The setup of a (local) network in for example remote areas 

Container indoor space
> Is suitable to house four 19" cabinets
> Is equipped with an energy saving forced-air cooling system (6kW)
> Forced-air cooling and air conditioning is more energy saving than a regular air conditioning unit
> Is equipped with a feeder cable entrance via a 24-part bulkhead panel
> Is equipped with doors which can be locked
> Storage possibilities
> Can be placed in horizontal position by using the built-in automatic balancing system

Multi-purpose construction
> The length of the mast (30m and extendable) can be determined, depending on the purposes to serve
> The mast can be constructed from the ground up and equipment such as for example antennas, cabling or other materials can be mounted at ground level
> The hydraulic system allows for placing the mast vertically
> Maintenance works can be conducted as the mast can be climbed 

Your benefits:
> A compact, robust, cost saving and multi-purpose total solution
> The possibility to safely construct a climbable mast with a height of 30 meters within a relatively short period of time
> Control over a built-in hydraulics system which allows for placing the 30m high mast vertically and an automatic balancing system to place the container level
> Logistics benefits (20ft. container)

Situations in which the Mobile Communications Container forms the solution
An existing telecom mast is aging and has to be replaced. To replace this mast, telecom equipment in this mast has to be switched off which results into a certain area being excluded from connectivity. Or during a military mission when a (local) network has to be setup for defence purposes. In both situations, providing (additional) connectivity is of importance and there is a solution available: deploy DAEL's Mobile Communications Container. 

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