Indoor solutions

DAEL Telecom offers various indoor solutions. From wireless networks to indoor LTE networks. On the basis of our experience, we are able to provide suitable solutions.
Due to the fact that every situation is different, it is important to provide suitable solutions. There are various factors to describe which could exert influence on a (local) network or connection. That is why it is important to identify what is required, what the current situation is and what connection is required. A few examples of services we offer: setup of WiFi networks, private networks, conducting TSS, maintenance activities and management of (local) networks.

DAEL Telecom is capable of handling everything from TSS to installation and from maintenance to upgrading. This way DAEL Telecom is able to offer a total solution in order to ensure the customer does not have to take care of business. 

Wireless networks
Nowadays, people can get access to (WiFi) networks nearly anywhere. Such networks can be found everything, from airports to your own home. A wireless network is a connection which is demanded by many. Many even consider this network a necessity. By means of networks, people have access to the internet and that way they are connected.

DAEL Telecom can make sure that the customer is able to make use of a (wireless) connection. In a way that the customer does not have to worry about the connection. We are able to take care of everything related to networks, from installation to connection management.
Our experience ensures that we are proficient in facilitating such networks and we've noticed that customers want as less work related to a (WiFi) network as possible.
The customer wants a functioning high speed connection without any hassle. This in order to ensure business continuity. 

Private LTE networks
In case an operational indoor 4G network is required, a private LTE network might be the solution. By installing specific equipment, it is possible to make use of 4G indoors. This can be a network which is linked to a mobile operator but it can also be a business specific 4G network.  

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