Cell on Wheels (CoW)

DAEL has developed an innovative system for conditions where (sufficient) height is of importance: the Cell on Wheels (CoW). With the CoW you possess a mast with a height of 25 meters which can be deployed against relatively low operational expenses. The CoW is a mobile and compact combination of a mast, indoor space and a trailer converted into one total solution. The mast can be transported easily and can be set up and broken down within a short period of time by making use of 'self-stacking' system.

The CoW can be used for various purposes. For example to (temporary) setup a (local) network, provide (additional) network capacity, attach camera systems (CCTV) to, provide lighting at a certain location or for defence purposes. This system can be deployed at locations which can be reached by a company van with trailer.

More information about the Cell on Wheels can be found here:
DAEL Cell on Wheels (CoW) folder EN.pdf

Cell on Wheels reduces your expenses!
> No crane or cherry picker required for mast assembly
> Only two engineers required to setup the CoW
> The CoW has a limited footprint: two parking positions
> The CoW can be transported by using a company van equipped with an air system to control the trailer braking system
> A generator can be placed on the CoW trailer
> Construction fences are included in the trailer setup

For what purposes is it possible to deploy the Cell on Wheels?
> Deployable within a short period of time, in emergency situations or at events
> Installation of network equipment or telecom networks
> Security purposes (camera systems / CCTV)
> Lighting on site
> The setup of a (local) network in for example remote areas
> Defence purposes

Indoor space
> Space for three 19" cabinets
> Equipped with an energy saving forced-air* air conditioning system (6kW)
*The forced-air cooling system saves a significant amount of energy when compared to a regulair air conditoning unit
> Provided with a feeder cable entry via a 24-part bulkhead panel
> Equipped with a door which can be closed and locked
> Storage possibilities

Multi-purpose construction
> The 25 meter high mast can be constructed within a short period of time by only two engineers
> Antennas, cables and other materials can be mounted to the mast from work level
> The mast is constructed by stacking mast elements by using a 'self-stacking' mechanism which can be operated by one engineer
> Maintenance works can be conducted as the tower is climbable.
> Maximum windload* depends on the height of the mast and configuration of equipment
*Calculations can be made per deployment

Your benefits:
> The ease of transporting the Cell on Wheels
> Availability of a concept which can be deployed on short notice and saves costs
> A 25 meter tall mast, an indoor space, a generator and 12 construction fences on-site in one go
> The possibility to safely and quickly construct a climbable structure by using a 'self-stacking' system
> A concept which can be deployed for various purposes

Situations in which the Cell on Wheels is the solution
A large event where a couple thousand people make use of the mobile network which results into an excess of pressure on the telecom network. Or a non-temporary mast which has to be replaced by a new mast. To replace the mast, telecom equipment mounted to the existing tower has to be switched off. In both situations, providing (extra) connectivity is of the essence. There is a (temporary) solution available: deploy DAEL's Cell on Wheels. 

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