DAEL Telecom.

Network solutions for companies

Because we are part of a group of companies operating within various expertises, we can offer suitable total solutions for companies in the area of networks. We are brand-independent and are mainly focused on products with a good price/quality ratio. Employees of DAEL Telecom possess all technical knowledge and experience, so that we can advise you and thus guarantee customisation.

Affordable and reliable solutions

DAEL Telecom strives to provide efficient, reliable and affordable telecoms solutions to businesses across The Netherlands. We are dedicated to provide you with high quality telecoms solutions that won't let you down. We specialise in delivering the latest technology at an affordable rate, helping your business stay ahead of the curve.

Through our telecoms solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to improve efficiency and productivity whilst introducing much more seamless ways of working. We always strive to help our customers by reducing costs and delivering the most cost-effective telecoms solutions that we can, prioritising your business every time. 



DAEL Telecom is known as a reliable and flexible partner. One that is able to mobilise engineers on short notice with, if necessary, the support of our subsidiaries, DAEL Power and DAEL Data & Electro.

  • AP`s (WiFi)
  • Microwave links
  • (wireless) CCTV
  • Alternative internet connection
  • Netwerk monitoring
  • Advice
  • Measurements and simulations
  • 24/7 maintenance assistance

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