DAEL Security can provide you with a full range of advisory and investigative services and has the capacity to timely provide governments, the commercial sector and private customers with ‘tailor-made’ security consultancy on demand.

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Advisory Services

DAEL Security can conduct generic and applied risk assessment, develop practical solutions for security related challenges, and more specifically, provide your organisation with in-depth (and multidisciplinary and network) analysis.

We can draft upon an extensive network of partners and subject matter experts to be current, exclusive and distinctive: from counterterrorism (CT) advisory to applied (financial) intelligence advise, and from expert opinion to predictive profiling operations.  

Enhance the Security of your Event

Behavioural Profiling

Directly enhance the overall security of your event by implementing a set of our experienced (predictive and behavioural) profilers. A proven and effective concept in order to timely detect criminal and devious behaviour, terrorist intent and/or surveillance activities. Please contact us for additional information, price setting and availability.

Expert opinion in Media and International Press

DAEL Security can provide 'expert opinion' to (freelance) journalists, (online) newspapers and (international) press agencies. Feel free to contact us for 'expert opinion’ and articles. We recently provided Deutsche Welle (Germany), Sputnik World News (Russia), The Diplomat (Malaysia) and IHS Janes’ with ‘informed comment and insight’ on security-related issues, international terrorism, international politics and intelligence operations.

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