DAEL Security can provide you with a full range of advisory and investigative services and has the capacity to timely provide governments, the commercial sector and private customers with ‘tailor-made’ security consultancy on demand.

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Advisory Services

DAEL Security can conduct generic and applied risk assessment, develop practical solutions for security related challenges, and more specifically, provide your organisation with in-depth (and multidisciplinary and network) analysis.

We can draft upon an extensive network of partners and subject matter experts to be current, exclusive and distinctive: from counterterrorism (CT) advisory to applied (financial) intelligence advise, and from expert opinion to predictive profiling operations.  

Financial Intelligence, Terrorist Financing (TF) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

4-day in-company Training Program

In an era of huge financial uncertainty, this 4-day course examines issues of financial crime within the international criminal system and emerging crimes. It deals with the impact of financial crime in the context of the security of the financial system, transaction analysis and intelligence in countering money-laundering, and examines the dimension of terrorist financing.

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