DAEL participates in remote viewing pilot project

Authorities have no shortage of advanced detection techniques for tracing narcotics, weapons or other illegal goods. However, until now X-ray images had to be analysed on-site. Because detection equipment manufacturers did not use a standard format, images could not be forwarded elsewhere with their original characteristics intact. Thanks to newly-developed software, it has now become possible to send x-ray images across secure connections to a location of choice for analysis. DAEL Security is participating in this ground-breaking project along with manufacturer L-3.

For image analysts, it is very important that the scanning of items and the analysis of images can take place separately. Even to date, the majority of analysis is done at the same location as that of the x-ray machine. This has created a demand for efficient technology that makes it possible to set up control rooms throughout the Netherlands. Here, trained employees would be able to analyse x-ray images from various sites at a single location, regardless of where the x-ray machine is located or what brand it is.

Close cooperation

DAEL and manufacturer L-3 have closely cooperated in developing a standard remote viewing protocol. It is now possible to automatically link an image scan to, for instance, a waybill and a case number. An image analyst can subsequently view the image from all angles. And there is more. It is also possible to manipulate images to take a closer look at suspect contents. This has opened the door to even broader applications of the new data protocol.

This application can be put to good use during customs x-ray analysis. Other possible applications include the monitoring of outgoing air freight, the dispatch of post and package cargo from central distribution centres and use with commercial scanners with multiple x-ray systems.

DAEL the exclusive distributor

DAEL and L-3 have a long history of working together. DAEL is the US manufacturer’s exclusive distributor in the Netherlands and Belgium. Systems manufactured by L-3, which are installed and serviced by DAEL, can be found at strategic sites in the Netherlands, including Schiphol Airport, Eindhoven, Maastricht and the new Maasvlakte II in Rotterdam.

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