DAEL Rail, an innovative rail sector service provider

In the rail sector, installation and maintenance require specialist expertise. And often, integrated expertise from various disciplines is necessary. DAEL Rail is an expert that focuses on innovative services provided to railway infrastructure and rolling stock.

DAEL Rail forms part of the DAEL group, which is based in Maasdijk, the Netherlands. This group of companies is active in a range of fields and operates at the cutting edge of technology and information. The focus of DAEL Rail is on construction and management of fixed and mobile networks, construction of rail bound buildings such as as relay houses, street cabinets, substations including installation of technical equipment and measurement services related to the energy supply network. 

Wide-ranging know-how under a single roof

The strength of DAEL Rail lies in the clustering of wide-ranging know-how into a single company. On the basis of gained knowledge and experience by DAEL Rail and the other DAEL businesses it is possible to offer various solutions. Combining knowledge and experience of the DAEL businesses allows for offering a total package of services.

DAEL Rail is business with horizontal lines of communication which is always looking to supply new products and services. With a focus on first time right execution, DAEL Rail is able to handle projects effectively and efficiently. As added value, thought processes and actions are more in line with client functional chains this way.

A boost to your activities

The DAEL subsidiaries are all leaders in their own fields. That lead gives projects and maintenance activities a substantial boost, even when this involves projects with above-average complexity. This makes DAEL Rail a great long-term partner.