DAEL Power, for diverse projects

DAEL Power is experienced in the installation of less common energy facilities. Such facilities might include underground infrastructure for town markets or a network of charging stations for electric cars. We can also arrange the large-scale replacement of electricity meters and the installation of solar panels.

Underground electricity supply at markets

If you as a community want to be able to supply market stalls with electricity, we can install the full necessary infrastructure underground. This is safer, because electrical boxes on the surface are often vandalised. Your network will be discreetly hidden beneath the paving, ready to be used on market days, during events or to supply power for ambient lighting. No more snaking cables that pose a danger to the shopping public. DAEL will advise you, and design and install the network.

Camera system power supply

Who will efficiently arrange the power supply for the camera network that you would like to install? Contact DAEL Power. Using IP cameras, you can view images across the internet, so even on a smartphone.

Charging station networks

Do you need charging stations for electric cars installed in your town, parking garage or home? DAEL Power will arrange the entire process on your behalf, from the digging of trenches and the connection of posts to the supply of electricity. Thanks to our energy company contacts, we are able to establish the necessary connections as quickly as possible, while fully complying with all regulations.

Meter replacement

DAEL Power can also arrange the replacement of existing meters on a grid with e.g. smart meters. We have capacity that allows us to replace large numbers of meters within a short period of time, regardless of location in the Netherlands.

Installation of solar panels

Having solar panels installed can save a lot of electricity. The expert installation of solar panels is a profession in its own right. Contact DAEL to arrange this installation for you. We will handle the entire process, from the design of your own solar energy power plant right through to delivery of the project.

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