Cheaper energy contracts with DAEL Power

DAEL Power is also an expert in the field of energy control. Sustainable enterprise and energy saving are today’s main themes, and DAEL Power can accurately outline the consumption of equipment, systems and machinery. Using our expert knowledge, we negotiate fixed-price contracts on your behalf. Have you ever wondered how much money effective energy management can save you?

You are aware of your company’s annual energy costs. But are you sure that your equipment is optimally energy-efficient? Is unidentified electricity loss creating unnecessary additional cost?

DAEL Power will clearly outline your energy usage. A reliable measurement process will identify the greatest energy consumers in your company and smart meters can provide you with to-the-minute insight into current equipment consumption.

Save on fixed-price contracts

Every year, you pay a fixed amount for energy. However, does this amount correspond to your consumption figures? DAEL Power can use its expertise to advise you. If we find reason to believe that your fixed price should be reduced, we will immediately contact the relevant supplier. We are also authorised to work on electrical systems belonging to energy suppliers. As a recognised contractor, we are authorised to unseal and reseal utility boxes on behalf of various utility companies.

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