Inspections and maintenance

Your electrical systems are in working order. But for how long will they continue to operate? Have they let you down at any crucial stage? Contact DAEL Data & Electro. Our employees are trustworthy advisors when it comes to inspections and maintenance.

The reliability of commercial electrical systems can instantly be affected by a number of factors. Such factors could include fire, short-circuits or situations during which employees do not observe preventive guidelines. The increasing role played by IT in operations also carries greater risk, such as more high-risk areas and increased consumption of limited network capacity.


DAEL Data & Electro will accurately determine whether the technology at your premises is still reliable. With our KEMA (electrical safety testing authority) certification confirming us as an EVK (electrical safety testing company), we are authorised to perform inspections not only in accordance with inspection criteria, but also on a periodic basis according to NEN 3140 and NEN 1010 directives. These are directives that fire-damage insurers and health and safety service providers often insist on.

Inspectors who know systems thanks to experience

Involving DAEL Data & Electro means that you will have a trustworthy inspector at your premises. An inspector who has knowledge about all the components of electrical systems. As an all-round contractor, we are – after all – familiar with the very latest technology.

One-off inspections or preventive maintenance programmes

We can carry out one-off inspections, or we can be contracted to conduct preventive maintenance programmes. In both cases, we perform inspections with keeping a close eye on finer details. Your entire company is scrutinised, including networks, systems and components. The reliability of high-voltage and low-voltage systems is guaranteed. And, if required, adjustments are made immediately in order to constantly guarantee reliability.

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