Electronic systems, from engineering to maintenance

How many different experts does it currently take to fit and maintain electrical systems? This is why you should choose an all-round contractor that has all the necessary experienced professionals on hand for all projects. DAEL Data & Electro is such a contractor.

As an electrical systems contractor, we are available to perform a wide range of tasks. We take responsibility for installing entire electrical systems in offices and company premises, from consultation right through to maintenance. We can also count on the support of subsidiaries DAEL Telecom and DAEL Power, which is very useful when projects require specialist expertise. This could include IT-related issues or projects that influence telecom facilities.

Electrical system integrator

What do we do? To sum it up, we are a ‘system integrator’, an expert company that arranges everything related to electrical systems. This does not only imply ‘standard’ electrical tasks, but also involves computer and network systems, tag access control, security using modern CCTV and VSS camera systems, fire protection systems, Wi-Fi and indoor solutions.

Newly-constructed and renovated electrical systems

We take responsibility for the new construction of entire systems, while we renovate existing systems with the same efficiency. This allows us to guarantee total solutions, but also to respond quickly to emergencies. We are on 24/7 standby.

Innovative techniques

Solutions implemented by people who have first-hand knowledge. Because we work on behalf of prominent clients, we are first to encounter innovative techniques. Whether such techniques are smart apps for the remote monitoring of your company security or the latest access control MR-scans, we know them or we have experience in using them. Training and instruction is also a focal point within DAEL Data & Electro.

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