A look back on the Superbus Project with Ferry Blonk

The Superbus was a futuristic electric powered race bus which would drive with a speed of 250 km/h between the Randstad and the northern part of The Netherlands as an alternative for regular public transport. A beautiful project, challenging both science and technology. DAEL takes a look back on the Superbus in an interview with Ferry Blonk.

Over the last couple of years, DAEL has worked extensively with Ferry Blonk, account manager at Staytech in Capelle aan de IJssel (The Netherlands). Ferry was already familiar with our organisation because of the DAEL business vans which he saw on the public road on a daily basis. The most special collaboration with DAEL was with the Superbus Project as proposed by Wubbo Ockels who passed away on 18 May 2014.

The Superbus was a new concept for sustainable mobility: travelling as efficient, fast and comfortable possible. The bus was ought to be driving outside of the major cities on a concrete guideway. These ‘super lanes’ would be geothermally heated in the winter so they would remain free of ice and snow. The bus itself was a very unusual vehicle to look at: with a length of 15 meters, low wheel base, gullwing doors and a lots of aerodynamic features. The bus had room for 23 passengers who could sit in comfortable racing seats. The design and build was done at the Delft University of Technology, where Ockels was professor of Aerospace for Sustainable Engineering.

For the Superbus build, DAEL requested Ferry Blonk for the deployment of various technical specialists. Series of technical tasks had to be performed, such as the installation of uncommon pneumatic brakes and unique electrotechnical installations. Ferry Blonk was responsible for guiding all personnel who were active within the Superbus project. With his technical background, he was the contact for labor technical and project related questions. Ferry regularly visited the Delft University of Technology to check on the proceedings of the Superbus and to see whether further assistance was needed. The Superbus was tested in the fall of 2010 but unfortunately never made it to the public road. 

Ferry Blonk is very positive about our cooperation: “DAEL distinguishes itself in their wide range of activities. Over the years they have built a strong brand awareness and gained the appropriate knowledge in the field of electrical engineering and telecommunication. Transparent, decisive and good employee involvement are the best descriptions of this organisation”. Possibly, a new great project will follow in the near future.

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