About DAEL

The DAEL Group is comprised of six independently operating firms: DAEL Data & Electro, DAEL Telecom, DAEL Telecom UK, DAEL Power, DAEL Security and DAEL Rail. These are all firms which operate on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, each with a different field of expertise. DAEL, as a group of companies, does not just work on a wide range of projects, we also operate in various countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, England and Scotland.

All the DAEL companies operate independently with their own respective services, clients and employees. When necessary, the DAEL firms cooperate with one another and that way complement one another. And we enjoy doing just that. Many of our activities overlap and many disciplines are interconnected. The strength of the DAEL Group is our ability to provide total solutions and mobilise (extra) expertise and capacity with speed and flexibility. 

Innovative electro-technology as a basis
The very foundation of DAEL Group is electrotechnology. Electrical systems have always been the common thread running through many of our projects. Whether we are involved in telecom, power management or security, electrotechnology is involved. Our many years of electrotechnology experience provide us with a head start in all our activities.

International expansion
DAEL’s headquarters is located in Maasdijk, The Netherlands. Since 2012, we also have a branch in the United Kingdom which focuses on the telecom sector. The year after, we've established a branch in Scotland. This is a separate division which has been setup to serve the Scottish market.

As a business which is firmly rooted in the community, we take our corporate social responsibilities seriously. Not just in words, but in deeds as well. To clarify which measures we take, the DAEL Group makes use of the so-called CO2 Performance Ladder. This concept originates from a Dutch rail management firm called ProRail which utilizes this model to make environmental performance understandable and measurable.

With the CO2 Performance Ladder, businesses are able to clarify their environmental ambitions. The ladder makes ambitions quantifiable and understandable to our stakeholders. This measuring tool has been developed by the SKAO, the Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden en Ondernemen (Independent Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business). The CO2 Performance Ladder focuses on four relevant aspects:
- insight into own environmental performance
- reduction in CO2 emissions
- transparency about the footprint of a company
- participation: active involvement in market initiatives

More information about the CO2 Performance Ladder and DAEL's progress can be found here: CO2 Performance Ladder.