Telecom experts right from the very start

The telecom market is constantly experiencing new developments. The introduction of new techniques and advanced technologies demands a flexible approach – an approach that also applies to contractors. DAEL Telecom combines expertise with a proficient organisation.

As a contractor, we provide a variety of services, ranging from the installation of turnkey networks to maintenance and 24/7 emergency repair, and from microwave links to temporary mobile telephony solutions. We have been active in the telecom sector from the very start and we closely follow every innovation that comes along. Once we have assessed an innovation on the basis of advancement and durability, we implement it into your network.

All knowledge available in-house

We have all essential knowledge available in-house, just as we have the facilities necessary to construct mobile transmission masts and the ability to perform our own measurements with certified measuring equipment. As a result, we can provide answers tailor-made for you, and can fully guarantee quality, regardless of the time or the location.

Contractor for telecom providers

DAEL Telecom is a contractor permanently linked to major telecom providers, though we also perform telecom tasks on behalf of other clients. We employ a client-based approach as standard and are available at short notice. We also take full responsibility for all tasks, from initial consultation right through to maintenance.